Tutor2u comes to Dubai 2015

830 825More than 70 students from 7 schools in the UAE and around the Gulf united on March 28th and 29th 2015 at Dubai College for this year’s much anticipated Tutor2u AS and A2 Economics Intensive Revision Workshop – a rigorous two day course that reviewed important economic concepts and trained us with vital exam techniques.

Indeed, there were no lies when it came to the word ‘Intensive’, giving an exciting and challenging element to the workshop which kept us interested and focused. Topics covered all the material that we had learned during the year with more in-depth discussions and valued tips for the exam.

Despite the intensity of the learning, the general atmosphere was quite relaxed thanks to the cheerful and pleasant approach of the instructors Geoff and Nicky. With the right blend of interactive exercises, lectures and friendly instructors, the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable and extremely rewarding. Tutor2u’s workshop along with the resources provided, has truly equipped us well to triumph in the greatest battle ahead, that is our economics exams this summer. Not only was the revision workshop a venue to sharpen our economic understanding and skills but also provided us with a great chance to meet and network with various students from around the Gulf who share the same enthusiasm towards economics. I am looking forward to next year´s A2 workshop already!

 Jessica Lattouf Year 12 AS Economist

831 832


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