Patients ‘dying’ In Surgery Wait

Here’s a great article to improve your understanding of the basic economic problem. 🙂

Cardiff Hospital is where many heart patients are referred to for cardiac surgery etc. However, after looking at shocking statistics it is clear that many of these patients are indeed suffering as they are all simply names on a waiting list. The BBC claims that ‘152 people died in 5 years waiting for surgery’ due to the high demand for the surgery. Moreover, it seems that many patients were told that they would soon be receiving the surgery, unfortunately some weren’t fortunate enough to live that long. However, it appears that in the future, the demand for heart surgery will continue to increase, therefore placing pressure on the hospital.

In the short term, the hospital will have to continue the way that they are, using alternative methods such as seeking other providers to perform the surgery for their patients. Nevertheless, in the long term, the wait may not have to be so long for patients as technology continues to develop and will hopefully work in the hospital’s favour.

Click the link below to check it out!

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